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Strength & Conditioning Staff


Donnell Boucher

Head Strength and

Conditioning Coach


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Jim Kiritsy

Asst. Strength and

Conditioning Coach


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Billy Brown

Graduate Assistant



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Jessica Prencipe

Graduate Assistant

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Stephen Reich

Graduate Assistant

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Mission Statement

To provide the knowledge, coaching and motivation needed by our cadet-student-athletes to progress into successful competitors, both on and off the field. 


To be the recognized as the nation's most efficient Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Program, and one that prides itself on serving its Institution's community in a diligent, receptive and results oriented manner. 



Stay Safe
Reduce the Risk of Injury
Become a More Efficient Mover
Train for Athleticism
Incorporate First, Isolate Last
Ground Based Training
Increase Power Output
Increase Work Capacity
Constant Adaptation
Character and Team Chemistry
"Balanced Athlete"
Master Progressions
Intensive Educated Coaching
Develop the "Bulldog Attitude"


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