McAlister Maniacs

They are loud and boisterous, energetic and enthusiastic.  They are loyal and knowledgeable.  They reside strategically on the baseline by the visitor’s locker room.  They are the McAlister Maniacs.

Comprised primarily of current football and baseball players-but not limited to athletes-the McAlister Maniacs, dressed in their specially-made T-shirts, are a staple at home basketball games.  They will unmercifully yet tastefully razz the opposing team, and have been known to share quite vocally their collective opinions with the men in striped shirts.

The Maniacs provide opposing players ample room in which to toss the ball in play from the baseline in front of them, but they’ll also give him two earfuls.  The Maniacs support their classmates and fellow Bulldogs on the playing floor with unwavering loyalty.

They are the McAlister Maniacs and they add more than just spirit and enthusiasm to home Citadel basketball games.  They add that unique dimension that rivals many in the land, giving their team a distinct home-court advantage.

They are the McAlister Maniacs, and they’re ours.  We love ‘em as much as the opponents dislike them...just the way it should be.

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